Barcode Kingdom
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Scan barcodes, Get unique units and items!
Build your own kingdom.

The world named 'Barcodia' is comprised of the magical power of barcodes.
Barcodes in the real world is a magic circle that transmit the magical power from the real world to 'Barcodia'.
The barcodes around you will become your army.
Summon various units and items, and make the strongest army.

Share good barcodes and fight against the monsters with your friends.

* Obtaining units, weapons and potions from barcodes
* 50 unit classes, 350 unique weapons
* Various unit and items depends on a barcode.
* Supporting system : play the game with your friends!
* 100 unique pets
* 100 main missions and various submissions
* Nonbattle missions : Delivery, Mining
* Upgrade items using the crystal from the mine mission
* Upgrade the castle to raise tax and maximum number of unit slots
* Auto battle system
* Use potions strategically to win the battle
* Do multiple missions at the same time with many parties
* Various dengeons with various levels
* Real-time PVP : Invade the territory of another country and get their golds

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