Jumping Jack and the Beanstalk

-Become Jack in the fairy tale,
and hop on a magic beanstalk for an adventure beyond the clouds!

‘Jumping Jack and the Beanstalk’ is a jumping action game,
where you become Jack in the fairy tale and jump up the magic beanstalk.

You have to jump up the beanstalk by stepping on the leaves.
But the leaves will break if you stand on them for too long,
so you need to touch the screen with accurate timing,
like in rhythm action games, to jump higher.
Varied scores are given according to the jump timing,
and continuously jumping with good timing will give you higher scores through combos.

As you jump up,
collect the golden eggs and the regular eggs
while avoiding the rocks and the giant’s hand.

-Tilt jump + timed touch
-Pleasant BGM and sound effects
-Fantastic fairy tale-style graphics
-Combo system
-Supports Game Center ranking and achievements

Supported Devices: iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad with iOS 4.0 or higher