Kung Fu Jumpu
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Evolution of 2D fighting game!
Today, We will determine which Martial arts is the most powerful.

Kung Fu Jumpu is a new concept 2D fighting game that is suitable to touch device for the revival of the popular fighting games.

This game is an homage to the classical 2D fighting games like STREET FIGHTER, KING OF FIGHTERS.
Inherit the tension of fighting games and unique characters and add new controls and rules for people who has never played fighting games.

Controls is like ANGRY BIRDS. Just pull your character and release to attack the opponent.
Forecast the opponent's next move, then choose your move and the attack orbit.

Enjoy the tension of fighting with simple controls!

- New concept Turn based fighting game
- 11 playable characters : Taekwondo , Boxing , Zui Quan (Drunken Fist) , Shaolin kung Fu , Jeet Kune Do , Mantis boxing , etc.
- The unique impact feel of 2D fighting games
- Online multiplayer via game center
- Manage your own gym, Train your team in the "CAMPAIGN" menu
- Various game modes
- Splendid screen : Zoom-in and out, slow motions, cartoon style effects
- Thrilling psychological warfare
- Unpredictable play
- Intuitive controls : Slingshot style

We want to dedicate this game to fighting game fans and developers.
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