The Lord of the Roads
  + Universal
  (c) 2012 Magic Cube Co,. Ltd
The Monsters are invading.
But you are not alone.
You can defeat the monsters with your party!

Rescue fellows and make a party.
"The load of the roads" is humankind's last hope.
Now The load of the roads' real adventure begins.

- A combination of a shooter game mixed with a RPG game.
- Numerous unique ingame missions
- 10 upgradable characters
- Simple control : support tilt control and D-pad control
- Party system : rescue fellows and make a party
- Various monsters and strong bosses
- A Daily "Today's Mission" mode
- Outstanding Artwork
- Supports Leaderboards and Achievements via the Game Center
- Fantastic soundFX and BGM
The Lord of the Roads: Oldies Can Still Be Goodies
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