Squish The Zombies
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  Seller:AQSystem Co., Ltd.
  (c) AQSystem & MagicCube Co. Ltd
Can you squish 400 zombies in one minute?
Be snowball! Squish the zombies!

Developer of Infect Them All presents another addicting game.

Gameplay is extremely simple!
Just tilt your device to move snowball and squish the zombies!
At times, you can even stomp buildings with snowball jump attack.

- Simple and addictive gameplay.
- Easy Control.
- Two game modes
- Doesn't stop device's music.
- Arcade : Squish the zombies, avoid other obstacles.
- Blitz : No obstacles many zombies!, One minute mass squishing fun.
- Openfeint highscore and achievement.
- Openfeint based Twitter / Facebook publishing.

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