Whirl Wind
  + Universal
   (c) 2015 Magic Cube Co,. Ltd
The only dependable thing in the middle of the nest of monsters is a sword.
Whirl the sword to survive to the last.
Don't stop!

Alfredo Jr. has fought the enemies alone in the odd world.
He has to whirl a sword to survive.
'If I defeat all of the enemies, I could escape from here.'
He think this way and doesn't stop whirling a sword.

Characters' informations
Alfredo Jr. : He has whirled a sword. He doesn't know how to stop it.
Skeletons : Normal but numerous.
Zombies : Slow and very pressing.
Ghouls : Very fast. You always have to be vigilant.
Chasers : Be cautious to avoid their observation. They will chase Alfredo Jr. until one of the two is dead.

* Avoid the approaching enemies and attack them with the whirling sword
* Simple controls : Supports 'Tilt' and 'D-pad'
* 4 kinds of unique enemies
* Simple but very addictive play
* Supports Game center leaderboards : Play with other players worldwide
* Supports Game center achievements